Notes From Parent Meeting

Track parent meeting agenda:

-       REPU app. Communication is vital. I will push out news items as need be on REPU. I won’t be using group emails if I can help it due to confidentiality concerns. Feel free to email me at or text me at 208-576-9255

-       Transportation- ugh. There are two possibly viable options: 1. Have the kids ride the shuttle to Capital after it drops off its passengers. Parents would be responsible to pick up their kids from Capital. 2. Use school vans to take kids to and from Capital. Parents would be responsible to pick up kids at CVCS Secondary.

-       Volunteers for Nyssa meeting April 10th. Email me if willing to help.

-       When we have HS track meets: 3/13. 3/20/, 4/5, 4/9, 4/18, 4/24, 4/27, 5/1, 5/10, 5/11, 5/17, 5/18, we will practice at CVCS and NOT at Capital.

-       MS meets: 4/4@Vale, 4/10@Nyssa(We host), 4/18@NC, 4/25@Nyssa, 5/1 WIC Championship

-       Questions?

by Jesse Frisinger